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II. The Discovery and Manifactures Theme (STAMP) – English Version

II. The Discovery and Manifactures
2.1.The Transportation’s Discovery :
a.The Ship
(1) British Empire & Colony
(a)British Guainea old Ship.
(b) Papua 1906, ovpt British new Guinea,nominal 2,6 Shilling
(c) St.Kitts & Nevis: 1934 ,nominal 10 shilling,the ship of st.kitts founding commerative.
(d) Nigeria, 1938, nominal 1 Pound.Traditional canoe ship with king Edward
(e) Aden,1937,traditional ship,10 RS.
(2) China Empire
(a) 1894, Empress Dowger “Cixie” birthday commerative stamps, nominal 24 cent,Chine “Jung” traditional ship,limited edition 3.4035.
(a)German Colony; 1901 , nominal ,5 Mark from :Deutsch-Neuguinea,Deutsch-East Africa, Deutsch-South West Africa, Kamerun , Caroline, Kiautschou , Mariane Island, Marshall Island, Togo.( 2.1. a-2.01-09)

(4)Turkey Empire

(a) 1858-1861,Stamps of the Turks Admirality Stoomvart , manuscript 11/2 , design old sheep.

b.The Train

c.The Bicycle and Motorbike

d.The Aircraft
1) Zeplin
(a) Germany
(1) 1928,Zeppelin, 2 & 4 RM (2.1.d (a) 01-02)
(2) 1930,Overprint Sudamerika on Zepp.2 and 4 RM (2.1.d.(a) 03-04)
(3)1931,Zeppelin 1 Rm(2.1.d(a) 05)
(4)1931 ,Overprint Polar Fart 1931, on Zepp.1-2-4 RM
( 2.1.d.(a) 06-08)
(5)1935,overprint Chicagofahrt, on Zepp.1-2-4 RM
(6) 1934, Potrait of Zeppelin and his aercraft, nominal 3 M, blue stamp (2.1.d(a) 012)

(1) 1930,Graf Zeppelin stamps,nominal usd 0.65,1.30-2.60 limited stamps.

(1) 1938 Zeppelin 40(blue) and 80 kon(red)

2) aeroplane
(a) France,1936, air-post,50 f,blue, aeropolane and the landscape;500f ,1949,air-post,1000 f.
(b) Dutch East Indie(Indonesia,1933, reverse(kopstand) aeroplane overprint on DEI air-stamp, nominal 50 cent.,limited only 15 of 50 stamps found in Bandung post fice.
(c) Japan, 1919, overprint aeroplane on definitive stamps, lmited edition 11/2 sen 50.000 and 3 sen 30.000.

(d) Iran,1928,Fiscal stamp overprinted poste arienne (aeroplane),Nominal 3 kr,yellow brown, limited edition 6000.type 1.
(e)Colombia, 1921,SCADTA, europlane. Rare if overprint with veious Nationality postally used covers.
e.The Natur Wrath.

2.2. The Discovery Inovation and Technology

a.The Postal Invention and technology

b.The Comunication Telephone , radio ,television

c.The Roads and Canals

d.The bridge and Dams
1) 1932 Australia,Sydney Harbour Bridge,Nominal 5 Shilling
Black colour(2.2.d.(1) 01)

e.The Medicine and Biology
f.The Conquers of Space
g.The conques of Poles and Ocean

III. The Society and Social Life

3.1. The Job and Social Life

a.Farming and Animal cestodian


(1) Germany
(2) Indonesia, Surakarta emergency Stamps,Blue colouer, limited , 200 found .
(2)South Vietnam Military Stamp without Nominal value postally used on cover with red military areal stamped KBC during vietnam war 1968.(3.1..c.01)
d.public force &prosecutor
g.Industrial community (labor) administration
i. The eintertement.
Famous Film Star ,Limited Cambodge Stamp and Sheet.(3.1.i.01)

3.2 The Education and Laisure.
a.Mother & Child
Swiss Pro Yuventute(For Childer Fund)
b. Education & Teacher
c.Children’s Games and toys
d.Parlor games &Board games
e.Food & Drink
f. Seaside & laguna.

3.3. The Einvirontmen, health and HumanRight

a.Persevation the einvirontment

b. First aid & Medical care
Red Cross Stamps
Henry Dunant the Father of Red Cross.

c. The battles against diseases
d. National health & safety company

e.The health status & image of world.

3.4.The Human Habitat

a.House & Village
(1)1918,Tsingtau, nominal 2 and 5 S,Lager Post Bando,village nativeHouse and tree.

b.Desert,Rural,Urban and Town

c. Monumen,castle and palace
1)Ankor Watt Cambodge
2)Temple Of Heaven,China
3)Germany,1930, Building and statue, nominal 50 + 40 Pf(3.4.c.01); 1931,Building nominal 50+40 Pf.(3.4.c.02);
1932, Building,nominal 40 + 40 Pf.(3.4.c.03)
4)Japan,1915, Palace, 4 (edition 2.170.000) and 10 sen (edition 2,230.000),

d. Park,forest,and garden.
1) Japan, National Park,10 sen Blue stamps, 1936 .1938 s, 20 sen -1939 ,1940, 1941, limited edition 300.000.-

e.Public building

f. Major Cities and their monumen

3.5.The Believe and Costume:

a.World religius ;
1) Islam


c.Place of praying
1) Pagoda&tample
3) mosque
a)Selangor,1935-1941, definitif, Mosque,nominal
5 dollars.

d. Monk,missionaris,and rabi

e.Ritual of believe.

3.6. The Art work,Festival & Costume:

a Art & culture

b. Jewelery

c.Work Art: Paint and sclupture
Leonardo da Vinci

d. Literature.

e Festival and constume
1)Japan,1916, The Crown of Japan empire was used during the emperor’s cermony ,nominal 10 sen, limited edition 86.000.

IV.The Nature

4.1. The Mineral,Fossil,and Prehistoric adnexa

4.2.The Flora

4.3 The Fauna.
a. Duck
1) Japan,1949,the painting of Duck flying, Phillatelic weeks commerative, fdamous stamps , edition 2.000.000.-
b. Pinguin
1) Falkland Islands,1933,nominal 5 shilling,black & yellow orange , in mint condition very difficult.
1)Japan,1919,nominal 10 sen,edition 1.772.000.-
2) 1845,Switzeland ,peagon wapen,first local stamp ,stadt post Basel.
1) 1869,USA,eagle,red,30 cent, rare mint center stamp.
4.3.2 Mamalia
a. Tiger
1)Federated Malay States, 1904-1922, definitif,
Tiger, nominal 5 dollars.
b.Orang Hutan
1)Indonesia,1984,Sheet,commmemorative Wild
World Organization.

1)Federated Malay States,1904-1922,Elephant king carrieged ,nominal 5 Dollars.
2)Perak,1895-1899, Elepant King Carriaged, nominal
5 and 25 Dollars
3.Gambia,1922,King George, Elephant, 3 shilling,brown,

1) Iran, 1875,the armour of Iran, second issued ,limited edition 120,000, nominal 1 ,2,4 and 8 sh. Roulette and imperforated.
2)1943 ,Italia, lion statue,nominal 3.7 lire, overprint deutch bezatung zone at zara.

1) England,1929,a knight on Horse and king George,nominal one Pound, black, commemorative Postal
Union Congress 1920.
2)Cyprus,1928,Horse,specimen B.W.& co.
3)1897,British Central Africa,BCA overprint British South Africa , nominal 1 pound, two horse wapen.
f. Sea-dog
1)Falk Island, Sea-dog,King George, nominal one pound.

1)1888,Australia, nominal 10 shilling, 1 & 2 pound,

h. Bulls
(1) 1909,North Borneo, overprint red 20 cent 0n 18 cent bull.


1) North Borneo,1894-1922,definitif,Crocodile,
Nminal 12 cent.

V,The Competitive Sport
a) The Land Sport , b) The Water Sport,
c)The Areal Sport

5.1.The Land sport:
a.The Summer Olympic
g. Lawn Tennis
h.Table Tennis
k Polo
l Horse riding
m.Badminton .

5.2)The areal Sport :
b. Motorbike
c. car rally
d.Combat sport
e. traditional sport


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