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I. The History of the Mankind (STAMP) – English Version

1.1.Thematic Prehistory (100 BC-4 ct AD)

1.1.1 Antiquity Prehistory

1.1.2.The Prehistoric Man,

1.1.3 The Ancient Egypt and Persian
1) Piramid Egypt(

1.1.4 Greco-Roman World,

a.Greeks Commerative Stamps:First Olympic stadon and statue –Greace, stamps (1.1.4 a.01) and postal covers(1.1.4b.02)

b.Italian Commerative Stamps :
1)Roman Ancient Building, commerative Rome’s Italia stamps in 1949, on covers from Italy to Indonesia.(1.1.4b.01)
2)Rome’s ancient statue-Italy,commerative Unesco Conference –Florence ,1950(1.1.4b.02)
3)Rome ancient Building-Italy, commerative the reconstruction Montecasino,1951.(1.1.4b.03)

C,Dutch Stamps
1)Dutch First proef, imperforated Stamps, Mercurius Rome’s Goddest design,(1.1.4c.01)

D. Chile First Stamp, Mercurius Rome’Goddest Design (1.1.4d.01).

1.1.5. The Ancient China.

1.2 Thematic The Barbarian To the birth of Modern Time(VI-XVI cth)

1.2.1 The Invader and Setter

1.2.2 The Knight
a. England,1913, the Knight on horse, King George,nominal ten shilling(blue) and one pound(green).

2.3 The Silk Road

1.2.4.The Golden Age of Islam
1)Aviscena,famous Islamic Medical Doctor,Comerative Famous man -DDR,1952. (

1.2.5.The Renaissance and the war of Religion.

1)Papal state stamps (Stato della Chiesa Pontificio),XIXth centrury (1852-1870) after that under Italian Empire.

a)1852-1867,first type ,inperforated,nominal value BAJ,the higher investation ’s value 1 and 50 BAJ and 1 Escudo (

b)1867-1870,second type inperforated, nominal value Cent, the higher investation’s value 3 (tre) cent (

c)1869-1870,Third Type, perforated, nominal value cent, the higher investation ‘s value 3(tre) and 80 cent (

2)Lombardovenetian’s First Revenue collections
a)First Type-ever used as stamps,XIXth century(
b)Second Type ,XIXth century(

1.3.The Conquers of Countries and The new Wish

1.3.1 The Ocean Discover
1) Colombus –Commerative Columbus Exhabitions USA-1886 , 30 cent & one dollar .(

1.3.2 The Spanish Conquer the new World
1)Red Isabela, The Qeen of Spains,Spain,postally covers from Spain to Vemezuela.XIXth century.(

1.3.3 The British Colonies of North America and The Caribean,
1)Queen Victoria –New Foundland,specimen,XIXth century(

1.3.4 The Indian and Pasific Ocean.
a. Turkey admirality shipmail(Port Admirality Administration) 1858-1861 stamps(1.3.4 a 01) during Islamic Ottoman Kingdom.
b. Indian and Pacific Ocean British Colony
(1)British Guaina
a)The highest value Stamps, British Guiana Stamps-only one ever found .Non Colour repro(1.3.4.b(1) 01)
b)The British Guiana 1852 (1.3.4.b(1)02) and 1856(1.3.4.b(1)03) stamps, the design and color same with the highest value stamps above, but value much lower.
1.4.The Birth Of Nations(XVIIth-XIXth century)
1.4.1 The Birth of USA

a.The First American President Whashington stamps(1.4.1.a 01-02)

1.4.2 The France Revolution & Napoleon War
a.The Postally used cover with Louis Napoleon Stamps(

1.4.3 The Nation State of Europe

a.The German State Stamps (1.4.3.a.01)

b.The Switzerland Cantonal State, Geneve and Basel Local (Canton) Stampas (1.4.3.b.01-03)

c. The Denmark Kingdom
1)The First Numeric Denmark Friemarke KGL Post bue stamps(1.4.3.c.01)

d.The Norway Kingdom
1)The first Norwegian admored blue stamps(1.4.3.d.01)

e.The Finland Kingdom
1) The first Finland admored blue stamps(1.4.3.e 01)
2) The reoulette III perforations stamps(1.4.3.e 02)

f.The Island Kingdom
1) The overprint 1 gildi ‘02-’03 on 25 aur Numeric Red-blue stamps(1.4.3.f.01)
g.The Sweden Kingdom
1)The unique “TOE” in the Middle of swedish first stamps,kingdom admored,tre skill, streep of threen unimperforated ,used stamps Stockholm,22.9.57 (1.4.3.g.01)
h.The Italian Kingdom

i.The Vatican Kingdom.

1)Pope Pius XI (Ponroficatio Di Pio XI)

a)1929,Series deffinitive Concillation ,Rotocalco, fotografis Felici, the high investation’s value ,10 Lire (1.4.3.i.01)

b)1933,deffinitive, Giardini e Mediaglione, the highest investation value, stamp L 2.75,violet and back colour (1.4.3.i.02)

j)The The Kingdom of Belgie

a) 1929,Overprint L(Leopold) on First Orval Stamps,limited edition 5000 exp.,8 type stmaps(1.4.3.j.01)

1.4.4.The South American Independence
1)The South and Middle American Independence State
first Stamps of Cuba,Mexico,Argentina,Chile and Brasil(

1.4.5. The Colonial Empire

a. Great Britain Empire and colony
(1)British Empire
Black Penny Global first Stamp, on cover(1.4.5 a (1)01)
British High Nominal Value, Victoria and King Edward
2’6 Shilling ,5 Shilling ,10 Shilling , one and five Pounds (1.4.5.a(1) 02-09); King George 10 Shilling and one Pounds (1.4.5.a(1) 010-020)

(2) Australia

a)Prestamped covers from Australia to Italy(1.4.5.a(2).01)
b) 5 Shilling Sydney Harbour bridge,(1.4.5.a(2) 02
c) One and Two Pound Kangorro Stamps(1.4.5.a(2) 03-04)
d)Five shilling new southwales ,Australian map,brown stamps(1.4.5.a(2) 05).

(3)Malaya and Straits Setlements

a)Straits Settlement
Queen Victoria-India stamps overprint crown ,India stamps used in Singapore with Postal stamped B-136 (1.4.5 a (3).01), Straits Settlement,stamps (1.4.5.a(3).02) ,special postal stamps B-136 Singapore on Strait Settlement stamps(1.4.5.a(3).03), High nominal value King Andrew and George 100 dollar and 500 dollars i mint and Fiscal used condition(1.4.5.a(3).04 &05)
And Revenue with special Bank Stamped(1.4.5(3).a.06)

1888-1897,Rajah Brooke-Sarawak British-colony,limted edition nominal 16 c( issued 10.440),32 c(issued 10.440), and 1 dollar (issued 12.120) postage& revenue stamps (1.4.5.a(2).01-03)

3)North Borneo and Labuan Wappen British colony (1.4.5.a(3).01)
4)Queen Victoria-India, imperforated first stamps,ever used in Straits Settlement-Malaya, rare if used with
special postal stamped or Crown overprint at Malaca ,Penang &Singapore and red 4 anna type-(1.4.5-a(4).01)

5) Malaya States
(a) Trenganu
(1)Five dollar Trenganu sultanate,red and black stamp

(b)Kedah,1937, Sultan Abdul Hamid Malim shah, nominal 2 dollars.(1.4.5. a(5 b) 01)

(c)Johor,1904,Sultan Sir Ibrahim,nominal 100 dollars,green

(4) British African Colony
1) Queen Victoria-African british Colony(1.4.5-a(4).01)
2)King Edward high nominal value stamps collections in British African Colony , mint & fiscal used(1.4.5.a(4).02)
3)British Central Africa(BCA)
(a)B.C.A overprint Rhodesia one Pound stamps(1.4.5.a(4).03)
(b)British Central Africa Protectorate, King Edward,10 Pond,blue and black stamps(1.4.5.a(4) 04)
(c) 10 Shilling and One Pound,British Central Africa Armoured stamps(1.4.5.a(4)05)
4)British East Africa Protectorate
Fifty Rupee, Qeen Victoria , stampas(1.4.5.a(4) 05.
5) Southern Nigeria
One Pound ,King Edward,Red and black stamp(1.4.5.a(5) 01)
(a)One Pound King Edward Postage and revenue stamps
(1.4.5.a(6) 01)
(5) British East India Company
1)India Stamps Used Abroad in Aden and Burma (1.4.5.a(5).01)
2)King Edward And George ,Birma stamps(1.4.5.a(5).02)
And Revenue(1.4.5.a(5).03)

(6)British Middle East
1) Gibraltar
(a)Five pound ,King George, Postage and revenue stamps
(b) four shilling ,King Edward(1.4.5.a(6.1) 02.
(a)One Pound,King George,Postage and Revenue Stamps
(a) one Pound,Malta armoured,Red and Black stamp
(1.4.5.(6.3) 01.

(7)British Pacific Ocean
1)New Zealand
(a)Queen Victoria, green ,One shilling stamp(1.4.5(7.1)01
(b)King Edward,red,official stamp(1.4.5.(7.1)02)
(c)one Pound,queen Victoria,Queensland(1.4.5.(7.1)03)

2)British & Colony ,Papua & New Guinea
(a) One Pound Papua New Guiana traditional house
Stamps(1.4.5(7.2) 01)
(b) One Pound Papua Neuginia ,traditional fish catcher,black (1.4.5(7.2) 02
3) British Solomon Island
(a) One Pound,King George, red anf black stamps

(8)British North America
(a)Queen Victoria,green,six pence stamps(1.4.5(8)01)
(b) New Foundland ,Specimen overprint, queen victoria stamps(1.4.5(8)02)

b.DutchEmpire and Colony,
(1) Dutch empire
(a)1872-1878,King Wllem III, 21/2 gld,limited edition 256.500 .(1.4.5.b(1).01)

(b) Pricess Wilhelmina ‘1891-1896, Loose hair 5 gld limited edition 34.108,’1899-i905 Empress Wilhelmina,Bontkraag .10 gld limited edition 15400, 1913-1920,Empress Wilhelmina, Jubileum 10 gld, limited ediion 22.800; 1920-1913 “Empress Wilhemina 10 gld overprint 2 1/2 gld, limited edition bontkraag 51.800 and jubileum 76.800 ; 1923 limited edition 2½ gld(51.025) and 5 gld (37.050) 1.4.5.c(1) 02-07)

(2)Dutch Empire Colony

(a)Dutch East Indie:
1854 -Willem III imperforated 1st and 1868-Emperor Willem III,perforated 2th stamps, 1923-limited edition(15.707) , Empress Wilhelmina Jubileum , nominal 5 gld , 1941.Empress Wilhelmina ,painter:Konijnenberg, limited editions: 20 cent(450.000) , 25 cent(180.000) , 35 cent (10.000) ,5 gld (9.000), 10 gld(21.000) and 25 gld- 14.000. Circa More than 80 % of the stamps overprint by Dai Nippon Military Administrations, that is way very scarce and verry rare Guinined postally used on cover or cutting squared , attantion some filatelic CTO cretioned by Phoa Lim Koey Surabaya, Gho Kong Liang-Padang, some from Medan Indonesians and Swistzerlands(Pengoempoel Perangko ). (1.4.5.b.07-014)

(b)Curacao,Wilhelmina jubileum’23 : 5 gld limited edition stamp-4002, 1941-1942, Empress Wilhelmina ,Konijnenberg, 2 1/2 gld-limited edition 74.000(1.3.3.b. 015)

(c)Suriname .Wilhemina Jubileum’23, 5 gld limited edition – 3408 (1.4.5.b.016)

c.Great East Asia Dai Nippon Empire

1)Dai Nippon Stamps overprint Korea(

2)Dai Nippon Stamps overprint China(

d.China Empire

1) Large Dragon The first china local Qing stamps XIXth

2) Empress Dowger”Cixie” Birthday limited Qing Stamps (1.2.5.d.02)

3) Qing Dynasty ,China Local Port Stamps(1.4.5.d.03)
The detail see in the book”Tionghoa inland and homeland

e. The Siam(Thailand) Empire
1) Local stamps with wrong overprint from another provence (1.4,5. e.01)
2) Local Stamps Batambang provisional overprint block four mint stamps on King Rama first stamps(1.4.5.e,02)

f.The Ottoman(Turkey) Empire
1) The Ottoman Armoured,limited stamp,green color (1.4.5.f.01)

2)The Ottoman Armoured,limited stamp,blue colour(1.4.5.g.02)

h.The Spanish colony of South American and the revolt.
(a) Argentina Numeric first Stamps(1.4.5.h(1)01)
(b) Rivadiva Blue and Green Stamps(1.4.5.h(1) 02-03)

i.The Portugeause colony
(1) Brasil
(a) Bull’s Eyes,Sheep’s Eyes and Goat’s Eyes Brasil first numeric Stamps(1.4.5.h(1) 01-03)
(b)Don Pedro Stamps(1.4.5.h(1) 04).

1.5 The War,Revolution and Construction of Nations(XIX-XXcth)
1.5.1. The War World I
1) Postally Cover Poland under Germany Occupations(
2)Italian occupation Austria ,overprint Trieste,
On Austri Stamps(
1.5.2.The Soviet Revolution
1)Stalin ,the Father of Soviet Revolutions Stamps. Commerative Esparanto campaign and imperforated commerative The Death of Lenin(
2) Commerative of The Soviet Revolution Heroes’s death(Martyr) (
1.5.3.The Comunisme
1.5.4.THE World War II
a. The European World War II(Hitler war)
(1) Hitler ‘s document and postal history(1.5.4(a)01)
(2) Hitler Face overprint
(a)Dobelcin 1945 overprint(1.5.4.(a)02),Line 1945 Overprint(1.5.4(a) 03.
(b)Austria Type Overprnt(1.5.4(a) 04).
b.The pacific War(Dai Nippon Great East Asia War)

1.5.5 The Rise of Islamic country
1) Sultanate Of Qatar,5 and 10 Ryals mint stamps
1.5.6 The Construction of Euro,APEC,Arab,Africa and America
(a) 30 cent , blue, victory bell stamps(1.5.6(a1)01)
(b)70,80,and 90 cent ,diffinitive numerric stamps,in mint conditions(1.5.6.(a1) 02).
(a) 100 Lira red Stamps on Covers (1.5.6.(a2)01)
(a)Dolfus,10 Schilling,blue stamps(1.5.6.(a3)01)
f Israel
1) Coin thematic stamps 250,500, and.1000
(1.5.6.(f) 01)

1.5.7. The Regional War,Democratic Socialism and Humanright
a. Indonesia Independence War
1)Indonesia Independece Revolt 1945-1950(1.5.7.a-01)
the details in the Book “Indnesia Independence Revolt’s document and postal history record”
b.China Comunise War
1)Mao revolution’s Stamps(1.5.7.b.01)
2)Mao Cultural Revolution’s Stamps(1.5.7.b.02)
Th detail in the book “Tionghoa inland and homeland unique & ethnic collections”
c.South East Asia Liberation War
1)Vietnam War(1.5.7.c-01)
2)Cambodge War(1.5.7.c-02)


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